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So, you want more traffic? Great!

I am NOT going to go to explain the details of this video course here that shows you how to advertise using videos you don’t need to create yourself AND as stated above…. you only pay for a view after they watch at least half of your video. BECAUSE you can watch the video which explains all HERE.

The purpose of the is post is to tell you two things.

1)  How you can also get access to a done for you ready built sales funnel system, make commissions selling the exact video course I am talking abut above that then also feed your sales funnel.

2) How and why you can get this amazing course for just $7.

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So WHY would I offer it to you for $7?

Because I want you to have access to the course and I want you to see Inside the Inner Circle members area.

As I said you can if you wish get access to the exact products and sales funnels I do inside the Inner Circle if you choose to join me.

I could sell AM Khans Video Course for $47 and make $32.90, but what I am doing is offering you a special price so that you will want to buy it s that you will have the amazing product to use to get video traffic to your website or send it anywhere you want, but also you get to see inside the Inner Circle which is where your product access will be.

If you have any questions you can register on my blog here and when you register the support ticket system will be available for you to contact me…

But watch the video first and see what you are getting in this product only for $7 and decide for yourself if you would like to purchase the product and harness this video traffic, and I can then show you inside the Inner Circle also. I know this video course is worth ten ties what I am offering it to you for right now, and I can increase the price at ANY time, In fact I think what I will do is leave the price at $7 while this post is on my blog front page… as soon as I create a new blog post and this moves off the front page I will increase the price of the Video Course…. and then increase it again shortly after. So if you are reading this post at a later date and the price has increased I am sorry but whatever price you see I guarantee it worth every cent whether $7 or $70.

Watch the video here first and decide for yourself, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Right now you get this for the cost of two Vente Chai Tea Latte’s at Starbucks !