How To Be More Productive



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Are you are too busy being non productive?

I’m not a mind reader and probably don’t personally know you…but I bet I can tell you something about you.

When you spend any amount of your tie online, trying to put the pieces of the internet marketing puzzle together, trying to figure out internet marketing, you look back and realise you have spent hours upon hours getting nothing done. (it happens to us all until we learn to take control).

No doubt you sit down at your computer with the intention of  being productive productive but actually end up being reactive. What I mean is you check your email and see several attention grabbing headlines from some guru or another and end up clicking on some link and watching a video for 30 min before doing the same on another email link reading about the next big product launch.

Then you check your Facebook and suddenly you realise another hour has gone by as you have been randomly clicking messages, posts, updates and more and usually they were of little worth and certain not productive.

Then you see you have a new email from another so called guru promising push button software that gives you automated income, so you spend another 30 minutes reading the compelling sales letter wondering if it works. (there no such thing as push button software that makes thousands over night while you do absolutely nothing), but you still have ‘shiny object syndrome’ so you have to check out this latest super amazing opportunity. Then someone clicks like on one your Facebook posts so you go and check that out and end up reading more of their posts and looking at there photos. Then you get a Skype message so you ho over to that window….. and on it goes !

You are busy but there is a difference in between being busy and being productive.

Basically you are busy getting nothing done!

All of this reactive activity is holding you back from achieving  your goals and getting the important things done and you need to put an end to it in order to be productive.

Heres some tips to help you manage your time better and avoid falling into the trap.

Firstly stop chasing the shiny objects, you don’t need to read 90% of the junk next great thing opportunity emails that hit your inbox, you need to find a mentor who walks the walk and will show you what DOES work and stick that plan.

Take a couple of hours one day every week to write down a schedule of tasks you need to complete for the week. Make a note of all the things you need to get done, allow ONE HOUR each to spend on FOUR tasks per day, and a minimum 10 min break in between each task (even if you can’t complete it in 1 hour) and stick to it.

Focus one task. It sounds easy right? but its harder than you think. Most People don’t know the simple steps to working productively, and it is really very tempting to fall back into ‘reactive’ mode and go down the path of clicking on whatever pops up or occurs that grabs their attention.

When your hour for that task is up, TAKE A BREAK. Get int this habit and don’t keep working beyond the hour without a break even if you think you can or you think just a few more minutes will finish the task. Get up out of your chair, grab a cup of coffee or water or whatever is your chosen beverage and come back to your desk after 5 or 10 minutes.

Now put your timer back on for 1 hour and work on the next task in the list even if you did not 100% complete the first task. You can come back to any unfinished tasks once you have complete the set number of 1 hour tasks you set for that day.

Believe me…. If you do FOUR of these ONE HOUR blocks of work each day, you will notice that you get far more done than you used to before even if you worked typically for 8 hours or more.

If you are thinking “what kind of stuff should I really be spending time working on?” …. here are a few words from Brian Tracey………

“There is never enough time to do everything, but there is always enough time to do the most important thing.”

ask yourself “what is the most valuable use of my time, right now?” and work on that right away. Anything else in comparison is relatively unimportant.

Here’s some advice and a great video from Matt Lloyd which I think will really help you with your business and time management.

“The purpose of time management and getting more done in less time is to enable you to spend more face time with the people you care about and doing the things that give you the greatest amount of joy in life.”