Reach More Facebook Fans – And How To Give Your Fanpages a New Lease of Life



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The New Deal With Facebook Page Reach Algorithm

Back in the day, if you had 20,000 likes on a fan page you could make a post and it would get seen by 10,000 or more of your fans every time you posted. Things have changed and Facebook has evolved and got wise!

You see Facebook realised that marketers and businesses were using Facebook posts to make easy sales leads, and that is not what Facebook was supposed to be about. Facebook IS and ALWAYS has been a SOCIAL NETWORKING SITE. Now that doesn’t mean you can generate leads and customers anymore from Facebook but it does mean that you either have to give Facebook what they want…. or you have to PAY for Facebook advertising in order to get the same reach that yo used to get.

There is a way around this and how to reach more facebook fans and get massive audience reach on Facebook posts and give dead fan pages new life.

Now firstly let me say this is by no means a way to cheat Facebook, what I am going to show you is how to give Facebook exactly what they want and in return they will give you what you want – MASSIVE REACH.

video 1

The old Facebook edge rank system still comes into play, BUT you have to combine it with something else, something which I am going to share with you for free in these two videos today. These videos are just two videos taken from over 20 videos in a new Facebook video course I am finalizing right now, and as my loyal subscribers or website visitors I wanted to give you something of real value, so check out the videos and let me know what you think in the comments below.

In the first video above I show you how even large multi national corporate companies come unstuck with the new or updated Facebook algorithm and even such giants as H&M, and the like are no longer getting any benefit from the huge following of millions of fans they have been able build over time.

video 2

In the video above I show you exactly how to create the content in a few minutes in a format Facebook loves, and which your fans will engage with in the masses with likes, shares and comments automatically forcing Facebook to show your content even more giving you massive reach. This method can be used in any interest or niche and I use it on several other fanpages in addition to the one used for the purposes of the video above.


Look at the number of shares and likes for ONE of these video posts, to a fanpage with only 21,000 likes/fans published a couple of weeks ago. The video was viewed by 3 X the number of existing fans to the page and Facebook actually displayed it in front of 224,390 people!

facebook reach

here are the detailed stats from Facebook insights for the same post.

reach more facebook fans

Remember this is just one post to one of my pages with 21k fans. Do this regularly and Facebook will love you for it and give your page more authority and you will also start to get new likes to your page as Facebook recommends it to people with similar page interests. If you are struggling to reach your audience or your fanpage seems to have died and is getting almost zero post reach, then this is how to fix it, all you have to do is take action.

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