The Number 1 Reason People Fail Online



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why people fail onlineFor anybody who is planning to, or going about, starting a home-based-business, there are some basic provisos and warnings that come as fine print, and regarding which nothing much is ever said by the prospective recruiters. But it is imperative that you give due heed to these basic truths. 

The number one reason people fail online in their business ventures is they under-estimate the amount of time an effort needed to succeed…. sometimes this can be because they are mislead by the less honest  internet marketers out there who promise riches beyond your wildest dreams, take your and deliver some worthless program, system or ebook that flat our does not (these individuals who market like this are in it for the short term money – to make a fast buck and they may make money once but they will need have repeat customers and never have a real long term business that can provide income if they tsp peddling their worthless rubbish.) You need to plan for the long term. The second reason people fail online is because they FAIL TO TAKE ACTION !

It makes sense.. no action = no result,   
small action = small result,    
Take massive action with conviction and determination and get massive results !

There are two things which you need to remember:

  1. There is NO such thing as push button income. Some people are constantly looking for the magic software that you set and forget and it generates you millions of dollars while doing nothing. IT DOES NOT EXIST, any real business requires some time and initial hard work.
  2. That does not mean you can’t make a massive income in proportion to the amount of work you need to do as long as yo are willing to put in the effort in the beginning. 

I read a post on Apsense website recently that made me smile to my self for a moment but then made me feel sorry for the person who wrote it because they had been so mislead into thinking that they would become a millionaire over night online, that when it didn’t work out they lost all faith in online marketing completely….and sadly will likely never make a penny online as a result.

They said “no body is making 10K per month or more online it is impossible”. 

WRONG !  it is completely possible and the more seasoned marketers are able to make this and more,  and it is being done by hundreds of people who understand the basic rules you need to follow. There no reason why YOU can not build your self a business that makes thousands of dollars per month, just don’t expect it to happen overnight.

The Secret To Financial Freedom Is Effort, Determination…..
                 & Multiple Streams Of Residual Income !

Having multiple streams of income means your income comes from several sources… so you have more than one flow of money coming in. Residual income means you have more than enough income to cover your outgoing bills etc PLUS you get paid again and again after you did the work once.

Here are some tips which will help you towards your goal of financial freedom….

Firstly, remember that you will always have to make some sacrifices. You will be required to expend money, time and energy to get any business off the ground. Most recruiters misrepresent the opportunity when they harp on the fact that anyone can do it, without mentioning the high fallout rate.

This means that you would have to sacrifice some or much of the time that you would otherwise spend doing the things you enjoy or in the company of friends and family. This will certainly produce stress and resentment and you need to be prepared in advance to handle the consequences.

You will moreover need the extra energy, over and above your normal quota given over to your regular job, family and household, to do the things necessary for your business. So you need to tap into your extra reserves: develop your drive to succeed and keep yourself motivated by telling yourself that all this will be worth your while in the long run.

As for the financial sacrifices, there are means to gradually absorb the burden or even remove it completely, but upfront, you have to allocate some money to set things moving.

The strategy is to be able to see these sacrifices as something positive and productive. So you need to be optimistic and consider these as investments for your future and your independence. Consider the advantages of prudence and fortitude: don’t be disheartened by initial failures but learn from them. You can make your sacrifices and your failures the steeping stones to your success.

Your success is the one that you make and give to yourself. You can think of it as your reward, as something which has already been made out in your name, but your bit is to deserve it, to make it  your own. So go out there and seek out your success that is waiting for you to grab it. There shall be times when you will be sorely tested, but you will have to grit your teeth, clench your fists and grind it out. At times like these, simply shut your mind to all the negative input, and press on keeping you goal and your vision in mind. All this is much easier said than done, but it also the long and difficult road all must travel to success.

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