The Power Of Press Release For Business



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A Ppress release for businessress Release for business is a hugely overlooked tool for boosting business awareness and also a HUGELY valuable offsite SEO tool and in fact the industry standard for quality white hat SEO links.

Then we will seed this article through multiple, high quality news distribution channels including the Associated Press, Lexis Nexis, Comtex & more. Hundreds of news outlets will pick up your press release and publish it on their site resulting in a multitude of high quality, diverse links from very authoritative, real news sites.
These links bring authority, trust, and diversity to your link profile.

Exactly What is a Press Release?

A Press Release For Business in simple terms is an article written about your business or an event or offer that you have which is then submitted or made available to journalists and news services. Usually when the general public hear the word press-release we associate it with high profile multi national companies or national news services making a statement about some life changing or world event. But in fact a press release can in fact be created and distributed to help small businesses and online businesses get off the ground and/or improve their visibility in a highly competitive market.

How To Use A Press Release To Boost YOUR Business

You don’t have to be a corporate business or huge company, all small businesses can and should utilize press releases in their marketing efforts. To make the most of your press release it is important to ensure that it is distributed and syndicated to as many of the top news distribution websites and platforms. This will serve three purposes:

  1. Credibility & Social Proof. Once your article is published on such sites as ABC, CBS, NBC,Forbes News etc and other reputable news site partners, you can put those logos on your own website with the title ‘As Seen On’ or ‘Featured On’
  2. Public Awareness.  Getting your company or brand name more exposure is vital if you want to stand out from the crowd, a high quality press release and distribution is the perfect way.
  3. A Powerful Diversity Of Links. As the high authority news syndicates collect your press release and publish it to their own website, your site will be getting high authority link juice form with High Domain Authority, and in some cases as high as DA 90.

Once you see the power a successful press release can have on your business you will incorporate this regularly into your marketing efforts, in fact you should be doing this. Some companies run a press release once thinking its only to notify the public of a new business startup etc, but in fact you should be submitting a release every opportunity you get, every time you have an announcement to make, every time you release  a new product , every time you have a sale or promotion etc.
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