The Single Biggest Investment Vehicle of the 21st Century – Pay Attention



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Times They Are a Changing

The evolution of currency has seen us move from Previous stones to Gold, Coins, to Paper Money, Plastic (credit cards) and now cryptocurrency.

Crypto currencies have been around since 2009 but only recently have they started to really become mainstream and grab public awareness. Bitcoin is the most well known of these cryptocurrencies and what started as an online payment method to cut out the middle man and avoid huge fees of banks and processors, now looks set to become a financial revolution. Business moguls, entrepreneurs and investors all agree the price of bitcoin is going to explode in the next few years. Millionaires have already been created via bitcoin and If you had invested just a few pennies in the Bitcoin Crypto Currency shortly after it started back in 2009 you would now be VERY rich indeed.

The blockchain technology which powers bitcoin has the potential to change the way we do business forever and bitcoin looks set to disrupt the banking and financial industry to the same extent email did to the postal service. Bitcoin has been ignored by so may just like the ‘internet’ was not taken seriously when we first started to hear about the ‘information super high way’ the military were using, which has now become part of every home school and office in every country of the world… bitcoin and the blockchain is the future happening right before our eyes.

Bitcoin is here to stay and awareness and use is growing at an incredible rate.

Here’s a quick but comprehensive explination to  What is Bitcoin in under 2 minutes.

3 Ways anyone can profit from Bitcoin

  1. Buy some bitcoin and hold onto it and wait for the rice to increase. (you can by any fraction of a bitcoin, so you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars for 1 BTC)
  2. Trade it against other alt-coins and cryptocurrencies (this requires some additional knowledge, there are also companies who claim to manage trading and investments of cryptos for you – but beware, most of these are just ponzi schemes or scams and don’t actually do ANY crypto trading at all!
  3.  You can MINE bitcoin. This is basically verifying transactions and getting a reward for your efforts in the form of newly generated bitcoins. (mining requires computer processors with powerful ASIC chips which is costly and in addition there are other costs such as electricity and running costs, but there are also POOLS and Mining companies that allow you to purchase shares to be part of this.)

I Ignored Bitcoin, For a While, Finally Woke Up and Got Involved – I wish I got in sooner, but it’s never too late, and it is STILL in its infantcy.

I seriously recommend everyone buy at least SOME bitcoin and benefit from the huge price increase we are seeing now and which is predicted to increase exponentially over the coming months and years.
We all need to embrace new technology and the blockchain technology is changing the financial world as we know it right before out very eyes.

If you have been seeing a lot about bitcoin and have remained on the fence either wondering what all the fuss is about or even dismissing it as a fad or craze, then now is the time to educate yourself and get involved before it really is too late. Right now we all have in our reach one of the greatest investment opportunities the 21st century has EVER seen, Bitcoin has outperformed ALL other investments and commodities including silver and Gold for the last 6 years consecutively. By embracing this now you are still ahead of many, and have a head start. Many will continue to ignore it for some time longer until it becomes completely mainstream where everyone is using bitcoin, and by that time you could end up paying thousands of dollars more per BTC.


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